To Let it Rain:

Baby Taco: 12 weeks, 4 days One night when I was a junior in college, it rained. Not one of those light sprinkles, I mean really rained. The lights were flickering, the smell of old mildew got into all of our noses and we all rushed to save the work we were doing on the … Continue reading To Let it Rain:

To Love, To Fear:

Baby Taco: 12 weeks, 3 days When I was in 8th grade, I was in love. This boy named Chris, (not my husband),  swept me off of my hormone raging feet. He was my first kiss. The first boy who made me feel beautiful. Oh, I was going to marry him for sure. He was … Continue reading To Love, To Fear:

To Have Parents:

Baby Taco: 12 weeks, 2 days  I had a great childhood. My dad worked everyday and my mom stayed home. I had so many friends who would be forced to go to “after care”, but I got to ride the bus and come home to my mom! Once 6:00 would roll by I would run … Continue reading To Have Parents:

To Have Sex:

Baby Taco: 12 weeks, 1 day At risk of sounding like Oprah from her Weight Watchers commercial here it goes… I. Love. Sex. I mean, wow. You get with the right person, get naked and have a good time for several minutes, (or even more if you’re lucky!). It reduces stress, helps you sleep and … Continue reading To Have Sex:

To have PPD:

Baby Taco: 11 weeks, 6 days According to Web MD, (I know, reliable source) , “It’s the type of depression you may get after you have a baby. It can start any time during your baby’s first year, but it’s most common for you to start to feel its effects during the first 3 weeks after birth”. It … Continue reading To have PPD:

To Start:

Baby Taco: 11 weeks, 5 days I am terrible at starting things. I am even worse at finishing things. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have started to diet, work out, quit smoking, school projects, you name it and I absolutely in one way or another have never finished. Hell, … Continue reading To Start: