Daddy Knows Best:

Baby Taco: 6 months This weekend my husband was off for 3 days. During the weekend, I work so it was nice to wake up to him yesterday and have him home. Now, when it is just me and Taco, Taco is all about me. He smiles, babbles, laughs and cuddles. When I come home … Continue reading Daddy Knows Best:

For My Graduate: 

Baby Taco: 6 months tomorrow! I have 2 younger siblings. My sister is 5 years younger than me and my brother is 10 years younger. Yesterday my brother graduated high school and my sister will graduate from college this summer. I have been so lucky to say that I have a pretty great relationship with … Continue reading For My Graduate: 

Cry It Out:

Baby Taco: 5 months, 4 weeks When Taco was little, the nurses were amazed at how well he was in the NICU. Even with all the wires and needles poking him, he stayed quiet. He rarely cried. When we brought him home it did not take long for Taco to start sleeping through the night. … Continue reading Cry It Out:

Money, So They Say…:

Baby Taco: 5 months, 3 weeks Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day. Now from what I remember, you are supposed to relax, spend time with the family and kiss your baby even more, but I worked. I love my job, don’t get me wrong. My coworkers are some great people and I even had all … Continue reading Money, So They Say…:

The NICU Club:

Baby Taco: 5 months, 1 week Everyone says the same thing. I just want a healthy baby. I just want my baby to be ok. I just want them to have a normal life and bring them home to take care of them. Sometimes though it’s not that simple and you find yourself part of … Continue reading The NICU Club: